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What happens if I am unable to print my insurance documents?

If you are having trouble downloading or printing your documentation, please contact us on 01903 209903, and we will be able to post your validation certificate only. Should you require us to post your full insurance documentation, please be advised that a £6 administration charge will be applicable.

Wedding Insurance - Questions and Answers

When should we take out Insure for Weddings Wedding Insurance? As soon as you pay any deposits towards your wedding or make any bookings.

What happens if my wedding is cancelled? All of our levels provide cover for cancellation - to make a claim please call us on 0844 412 4296.

What happens if our marquee is damaged? You have the option to include £20,000 for Marquee Cover on all cover levels of our insurance. To make a claim please call us on 0844 412 4296.

Are my guests covered in the event of any injuries whilst at our wedding?   You are covered up to £2,000,000 towards your legal liability in such an event. How do I make a claim? Please call Insure For Weddings on 0844 412 4296 and speak with one of our advisors. What happens if our wedding cars do not turn up?

All levels provide cover from £1,500 to £5,000 for Cars and Transport. Is cover provided for our civil partnership? Civil Partnerships are covered in exactly the same way as any other marriage ceremony.

What happens if our photographers do not turn up?   All levels provide cover from £1,500 to £5,000 for Photography and videography. To make a claim please call us on 0844 412 4296

What happens in the unlikely event of one of our wedding party falling ill, having an injury - or even in the event of a death? We will pay for cancellation or re-arrangement in the event of death, injury or sickness of the bride, or civil partner or groom, or civil partner or Close Relative which would make the continuance of the Wedding inappropriate.

How do I prove to the wedding establishment that we have liability cover? We will provide you with an Insurance Validation Certificate which can act as written confirmation to show your chosen establishment that you are covered for personal Liability up to a limit of £2,000,000.

Still got a question?  Feel free to contact us on 0844 980 0271 where we are happy to assist.

 Travel Insurance Questions and Answers

A) Important Contact Information FAQ's

A1) who operates the Emergency Assistance Service?

Please refer to your Policy terms and conditions under "FAQ/POLICY" on the website

A2) Who do I contact to make a claim?

Please refer to your Policy Terms and conditions under "FAQ/POLICY" on the website.

When contacting the claims handler please quote your validation certificate reference number and make sure you have the relevant information to hand as failure to do so may result in your claim being delayed.

B) Medical FAQ's

B1) Will the insurance still be valid if I enter No on the travel eligibility page, should I not wish to have my pre-existing medical condition covered?

Yes, by confirming no on the eligibility page regarding pre-existing medical conditions, this acknowledges that you taking responsibility in respect of your pre-existing medical conditions. All medical requirements which are not related to the pre-existing condition will be covered in accordance with our terms and conditions.

B2) if I have a pre-existing medical condition, can I travel abroad?

Yes, you can answer a series of medical screening questions should you wish to cover certain pre-existing medical conditions. We can cover a vast number of pre-existing medical conditions at an extra cost.

B3) what happens if I have to go to hospital, just for the day?

For all outpatient treatment, please refer to your terms and conditions under "FAQ/POLICY" on the website

B4) what is the EHIC?

The EHIC or European Health Insurance Card is the replacement to the old E111. We ask that all travellers travelling to a European destination make sure that they have applied for and hold a valid EHIC. Using the EHIC might save you from having to pay a policy excess. For more information or to apply, please go to

B5) Do I need to have vaccinations?

You must seek advice from your doctors before deciding to travel as to whether you should receive inoculations or vaccinations prior to travel. Failure to do so would mean that your policy would exclude any claim arising as a result of, or relating to something you should have been vaccinated against.

C) Personal Possession FAQ's

C1) is my camcorder covered whilst abroad?

Only to the maximum valuable item limit, as specified (we recommend that you contact your household contents insurer in order to get valuable items cover added to your household contents policy).

C2) I have bought a Winter Sports policy, does it cover my own or hired skis?

The policy will cover you for loss or breakage of ski equipment that is owned or hired by you. Please check the Schedule of Benefits in the policy, as restrictions in cover apply.

C3) what should I do if an item of my personal belongings is lost, stolen or damaged whilst I am abroad?

You should report the theft, loss or damage to the local police, airline or relevant authority remembering to get a written report confirming this. If your claim related to a damaged item you must remember to bring it home with you as the insurers may wish to inspect the item. Please see Section F of your policy wording for full details.

D) Policy FAQ's

D1) Can I buy your insurance whilst abroad?

No - You must buy your travel insurance before you leave the United Kingdom.

D2) I live outside of the UK, can I still buy this insurance?

No. This policy is only available to you if you are permanently resident in the United Kingdom and have registered with a medical practitioner in the United Kingdom

D3) Do I have to pay a policy Excess?

Under most sections of your policy you will be expected to pay the first part of a claim (the excess). This ranges from £100 to £250, please check the individual sections of your policy for more information.

D4) Can I buy an Excess Waiver?

Unfortunately we do not offer an Excess Waiver.

D5) How many people can be covered on one policy?

Up to 7 people can be covered on an individual policy. Family policies are restricted to 2 adults (husband and wife or partners) and up to 4 dependent children or infants. Couple policies are restricted to a maximum of 2 adults.

D6) Do we cover One-way trips?

Cover for One way trips is provided from the time of leaving the United Kingdom to the expiry of the policy or in any event no later than 72 hours after the time you leave the immigration control of your final destination country.

D7) Do I have to notify you every time I travel on an annual multi trip policy?

No, all we ask is that you make sure that you are aware of, and stick to the maximum single trip duration permitted by your policy. If you exceed the maximum single trip duration, you will not be covered for any part of that trip.

D8) Am I covered if any of the suppliers I purchased my holiday through go bust?

No - unfortunately, the financial failure of any supplier is not covered under our insurance. Please refer to the policy wording for more details or check our site for more details on Holiday Protection.

D9) Am I covered in the unlikely event of a terrorist attack?

No. The insurer is not responsible for claims which are directly or indirectly caused by, occasioned by, resulting from or in connection with any act of terrorism.

For the purpose of this insurance, an act of terrorism is defined as - An act, including but not limited to the use/or planned use of force or violence and/ or the threat of any person or group of persons whether acting alone, or on behalf of, or in connection with any organisation, or government, committed for political, religious, ideological or similar purposes including the intention to influence any government and/ or the public, or to put any section of the public in fear.

D10) Am I insured for working abroad?

Yes, as long as it's not manual work. Manual work can be defined as work involving the use of any machinery, work higher than ground level or hazardous occupation.

E) Definitions FAQ's

E1) Do you class Uncles and Aunts as close relatives?

No - we only cover Brother, step-brother, brother-in-law, common law partner, daughter, step-daughter, adopted daughter, daughter-in-law, fiancé(e), grandchild, grandparents, legal guardian, parent, step-parent,  parent-in-law, sister, step-sister, sister-in-law, son, step-son, adopted son,  son-in-law, foster child or spouse who live in the UK.

E2) Can my children travel independently on our family annual multi trip policy?

No, only the named insured adults may travel independently on a family policy.

F) Activities FAQ's

F1) Will I be covered to scuba dive when abroad?

Yes, we provide cover for people to scuba dive up to a maximum depth of 15 metres. This is subject to you holding an internationally recognised qualification to do so, or you being supervised by a qualified instructor. We only cover leisure scuba diving. Any scuba diving that relates to your employment or profession would not be covered. We also do not cover any scuba diving or marine equipment.

F2) Am I covered for Paragliding?

Please note: The sporting activities listing within our policy wording, are only covered when participating on an amateur and recreational basis. Racing or any competitive event of a professional nature are excluded from our cover.

There is no cover available for Paragliding if it is the main purpose of the trip. Cover is only available if the activity is undertaken on 'an occasional and incidental basis' and where an additional premium has been paid.

F3) What is the definition of Off-Piste skiing?

The insured is fully covered to ski off piste in a ski resort with or without a guide, on their own or with others anywhere that the resort management would consider the normal off-piste ski area within a resort's ski boundaries. i.e. the off-piste between marked pistes, off to the sides of pistes and off-piste areas which can be accessed from the ski lift network and this cover is only applicable when it is considered safe and is not skiing against local recommendations or warnings.

4) Am I covered for Camel trekking?

Cover is only available if you have paid the additional premium prior to travel and cover is confirmed on your Insurance Certificate.

F5) Am I covered for Catamaran sailing?

No cover for catamaran sailing outside coastal waters - this is normally deemed as 12 miles from shore but may differ according to region. Therefore, catamaran sailing from one country to another would not be covered.

F6) Am I covered for Kite Surfing?

There is no cover available for Kite Surfing if it is the main purpose of the trip. Cover is only available if the activity is undertaken on 'an occasional and incidental basis' and where an additional premium has been paid.

F7) Am I covered for Wakeboarding?

Wakeboarding is covered. It is regarded the same as waterskiing.

G) Booking & Customer Service FAQ's

G1) Can I cancel the policy if I decide it is not for me?

Yes you can, but this is subject to you cancelling the policy within 14 days of purchase, and you not having travelled or being in the process of making a claim.

G2) What insurance documents should I take on holiday with me?

We always advise that you take a copy of all of your insurance documents with you as you never know when you might need them. The bare minimum you should ever travel with is a copy of our full policy wording along with a note of your policy number, level of cover and issuing agents name.

G3) Can I book a Travel insurance policy commencing today?

Yes Please click "Quote Me" to Buy online

G4) Can you re-send my policy?

Yes, please call us on 01903 209903

G5) My policy has incorrect personal details, can these be changed?

Yes, please call us on 01903 209903